Social Justice Concentration

The Social Justice Concentration is designed for students who wish to explore issues of equity, whether focused on economics, race, gender, the environment, or any host of justice concerns. Students may be drawn to the concentration because of interest in civil and human rights, including but not limited to anti-poverty work, healthcare, food insecurity, prison reform, or voting rights. This concentration includes both academics and activism. Students are required to take a certain number of courses to fulfill the academic requirement, and are expected to participate in and lead activities. These will include school-based clubs, presentations to the school community, service rooted in social justice, and a capstone project. 

The goal of the concentration is to encourage students to participate in their local and global communities through activism, volunteerism, and learning. They will then be in a position to be leaders at Solebury to educate and organize. Students will also learn through the qualifying courses offered that are relevant to social justice. Ultimately, students passionate about a cause will be able to deepen and expand their knowledge, and then share with the Solebury community.

Social Justice Concentration Coordinator: Hanna Howe

Academic Courses

24 credits including social studies and English courses

  • Core/non-elective English courses
  • Core/non-elective Social Studies courses, excluding AP Government/AP European History
  • Anthropology
  • American Pop Culture 
  • African American Experience 
  • LGBTQIA+ History
  • Identity and Diversity 
  • Art history (with emphasis on diversity)
  • Moral Conflicts
  • Statistics
  • Environmental Science 
  • Spanish Conversation and Culture 
  • Hy-Flex Independent Study course


Community Events and Activities


  • Students must write a reflection essay on their experience that is due within two weeks of the event to the Social Justice Coordinator
  • 5 on campus activities/4 off campus activities per school year
    • Off campus
      • Conferences
      • Community events
      • Speakers
      • Political campaigning
      • Town council meetings
      • School board meetings
      • Attend court hearings
        On campus
    • On Campus
      • ​​​Affinity groups and Spectrum
        • For the affinity groups and Spectrum, the Social Justice Coordinator will determine and work with students on participation.
      • “Diversity Day” presenter/facilitator
      • Movie nights
      • Book club
      • Other Social Justice focused events

Organizing and leadership

  • Letter writing campaigns
  • Petitions
  • Diversity day Presenter/Facilitator
  • Assembly Speaker
  • Presenting to affinity and diversity groups
  • Present outside the Solebury School community
  • Guest speak to a class 
  • Meaningful partnerships with an outside organization
  • Creating virtual field trips and tours
  • Online guides
  • Social media campaign

Community service

  • 16 hours per year
  • Must be approved as social justice focused

Capstone or Senior Project

SJ Coordinator would be a resource to find a topic and monitor the Capstone experience or Senior Project.

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